Have you been paying a lot of money on storing your organization data on the cloud using Google, Box, Onedrive ? Here is the best alternative to these cloud storage. Meet the NextCloud! The nextcloud is opensource solution for business document storage.

Nextcloud is designed to offer best in class productivity, and is developed at an impressive pace with new functionality becoming available every few months.

You can setup nextcloud on premise as well as on the cloud. All yo uneed a good disk bay on the server.

The Nextcloud comes with all the features whch you look for managing your documents & files in the organization. Some are

  • File sharing permission
  • Desktop & mobile sync client
  • Connection to LDAP & AD
  • Plugins
  • Encryption
  • S3 disk connection


The nextcloud community is available for free. it comes with most of the basic features you would require for running a small organization. For enterprise pricing visit Pricing – Nextcloud


The installation is easy and quick. you need a linux server and good disk bay. Though you can ask some nextcloud installation provider to assist you.