3 Effects in Life due to COVID-19


There has been high number of loss of lives because of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). But this also brought dramatic change in our life.

Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands, keep yourself and surrounding clean, this has been a must for keeping virus away. Now people have started keeping the environment clean. I have seen some sport on news of Italy aquatic life has restored. Same with Indian Mumbai region.

Personal Relationship

In work life, we sometime forget the value of personal relationship, but people have now come out of the social life and have made their life balanced with proper personal relationship with family members. We have tried to understand the personal relationship and better bonds within family has been made.

Work from Home

Living in India, it is difficult to get your work done until you work closely in team. But work from home brought the element of responsibility within co workers. It is teaching us how to get your work done no matter where you are . Work can be done anywhere. Its just matter of self responsibility.