Are you planning for a road trip that requires long hours of driving? And have to drink coffee or energy drinks to stay awake while driving? Now no need to drink coffee or energy drinks, A new bracelet has been design that prevents one from falling asleep behind the wheel.

 How Steer Work?

Steer is a wearable bracelet that doesn’t noticeably do much until you start getting sleepy. Its design can be compared to a streetlight, it has 16 sensors that measures your heart rate and skin conductance.

These stats are compared with your normal rated, A green light will appears as you turn it on and when one feel sleepy it detects and sends you a warning with a flash of yellow light and strong vibration and lastly when ones heart rate keep dropping after warning it will wake one up with a gentle electric shock.




Steer has launched this week and will cost up to $100 and will be available in November. This wearable will last up to 2 weeks of usage and approximately one month inactive with a one hour of charge. Its battery capacity is 500 mAh.


This wearable will “kill drowsiness” and make driving safer. “Steer can save thousands of lives on the road and reduce accidents related to drivers’ drowsiness,” said Vlad Llyin Creator of Steer.