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Domain Security Essentials: Safeguarding Your Online Identity and Reputation

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, your domain serves as the gateway to your online presence, making domain security an imperative aspect of managing and...

How to restart services in Plesk

Plesk Panel is a powerful web hosting control panel that offers a user-friendly interface for managing websites, domains, email accounts, and more. One important...

Critical Security Vulnerability Found in Popular WordPress Plugins

Security researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in the 'Advanced Custom Fields' and 'Advanced Custom Fields Pro' WordPress plugins. The flaw allows an attacker to launch cross-site scripting attacks, potentially stealing sensitive information and escalating their privileges on affected sites. Users are advised to update their plugins to version 6.1.6 or later, as over 72% of users are still running older versions that are susceptible to this and other known vulnerabilities.
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